It is forbidden the import and export of:
·Drugs and Narcotics
·Objects, pictures, literature and any other pornographic article or contrary to the good habit.
·Any article, including the literature that attempts against the security and the interior order of the country.
Animals, plants and their parts that not appear in the Annex. 1 of the Agreement MENTION (protected species or in extinction danger).
Independently of the administrative measures that can be applied in each case, people that try to care or to export some of these articles are subject to the penal responsibilities that correspond in each case.

It is forbidden the import on the part of Travelers of:
·Videorecorders that arrive to the country coming from the United States of America, comes directly from that country or through third, as well as its parts and pieces.
-Air condition
·stoves and electric burners, of any type and model
Electric ·ovens, of any type, model and capacity
Electric ·showers, of any type and capacity
Electric ·fryers, of any type and capacity
Electric heaters of water
Electric ·irons whose consumption exceeds of 290 kwh without having dewed, or of 703 kwh with having dewed and vapor
· electric bread toastrs
Electric resistences for irons, burners, heaters of water, etc.

The travelers will need of expressed authorization of the Ministry of Communications for the import of the following teams and means of communications:
·Radio transmitters and transceptores.
Facsimile ·Terminales
·Pizarras and teams teléfonicos
·Centrales and telegraphic teams and of telex
Radio ·Receptores and TV professionals that differ of the domestic ones
·Receptores of the positioning system (GPS)
·Antenas and stations of satellites recivers
Terrestrial ·Estaciones of communications for satellite
When some of these teams is part of the personal baggage of a traveler, be this accompanied one or not and don't prepare in the moment of the office of the referred authorization, the same ones will be retained in the customs of having entered by one period of up to 30 days, prorrogable for expressed application to 30 more diás. Lapsed this term without having been presented the corresponding authorization, the teams will be declared in legal abandonment.

What does he/she understand each other for belongings?

In general terms he/she understands each other for belongings the articles, new or used, that a traveler reasonably can need for his personal use in the transcruso of his trip, keeping in mind all the circumstances of this trip and the intermediate stays, with exclusion of any cared merchandise or exported with commercial ends.
Can I care medications?

They can be cared up to 10 kgs. of medications which should come in their original containers and not to be specifically forbidden. For these medications rights of customses won't be paid.
How and when should I present the declaration of customses to the entrance of the country?

The declaracion before the Customs was carried out in writing when forbidden, regulated articles are cared that are subject to the payment of rights of customses or that they are sought to re-export. In these cases the established pattern will be used for it.
On the other hand, in most of the ports and airports enabled for the traffic of travelers in Cuba, the Customs has organized the control system for <B, by means of the one which, when choosing one of them, the traveler declares if he has articles that should be presented before the Customs. This tacit declaration implies the same responsibility that if it was made in writing or verbally.
Which articles should I declare?

following ones:

In case they are cared with the purpose of then to be re-exported again:
·money and other values above the five thousand (5,000.00) dollars
Art obras and objects of value museable
New or used articles that they are not part of their belongings
Articles for third
Which is the limit of what I can care?

The traveling prodrán to care, besides their belongings, new articles or used until a value of 250.00 (two hundred fifty) pesos. This right is only once ejercitable in every natural year and it is not cumulative inside the same one.
What does it happen if I care articles for more than $250.00?

The articles that are exceeded of the allowed value ($250.00) they will be subject to the seizure.
How much is the tax of customses that is applied to the cared articles?

The applicable non commercial tariff to the articles cared by the travelers is of 100% of the value. Of the 250.00 pesos in value authorized to be cared, the first ones 50.00 are exempt of the payment, for what the maximum of taxes to pay will be of $200.00 pesos.
The travelers non residents in the country, as well as those that travel to the foreigner for reasons of personal nature, will pay the tariff taxes that correspond in freely convertible currency.
Why if he/she already pays baggage excess to the transport company do I pay in the Customs again?

What you pay to the transport company is the cost of the baggage excess that is weighing. All traveler, according to the class in that travels, is entitled to a certain weight maximum of baggage, above which should pay a rate. However, what you should pay in the Customs is the right calls of customses that are fixed starting from the value of the merchandise that it is cared.

How much is the tax of customses that is applied to the articles that are exported?

In Cuba, the exports are not burdened with any tariff of customses