Whoever enters in Cuba or wants to be longer time, doesn't avoid the sometimes extremely complicated regulations. The costs for the visa are however rather dearly. If you don't know theese things, you sometimes spend much more than necessary. Here are some information, that will help you, to be better prepared for these circumstances.
In order to be able to enter in Cuba as no-resident person, you require a tourist visa (Carta de turista), which is applied exactly to one month. This visa normally costs 25us$, and is often included with estimated-offers. Otherwise, you can receive it at the travel agencies, which are offering flights to Cuba, or at the Cuban embassy. Condition of the tourist visa is three overnight stays in the hotel. Sometimes you are asked for it when entering in Cuba. Whoever doesn't want to live in the hotel and wants to save itself these expenses, a hotel simply declares, for example hotel Colina,Havana Libre..., that?s going always without problems. Entering that wants to visit a person, these can, instead of the hotel declares to register with the referral on it as fast as possible with the immigration-authority. This also recommends itself since the visited person can receive difficulties if she/it has forbidden contact to foreigners. To declaring, the visited person must have an apartment. With the title deed of the apartment, 40us$ in value-brands, that value-brands can, one in the bank acquires, and better you buy it previously about itself the often long waiting, to spare a second times, and the visited person herself with personal identification card, one can the tourist visa, that is certain only for hotel-stay, into the visa A2, private visit-visa changes. Of course, you must take also the passport and the tourist visa. Whoever wants to remain longer than one month declares this at the best immediately, since renews 25us$ with a later time-extension about another month attacks. The regulations are a little inscrutably. So, you must in the immigration-authority in Vedado/Havana 40us$ for example pays, and they give only one month of stay for it. One must separate the extension in Miramar/Havana then pays. If you go directly to Miramar, you receive the visa directly two months for 40us$. Whoever lives in the hotel and can prove this with visa-extension or represents at least plausibly (savings-variation) can also start to the back, receives also for 25us $one month of extension.
If the trip should last longer than two months then however, there is only the possibility to leave for a day in order to enter for further two possible months again then. Here, Cancun/Mexico offers itself as most favourable variation. One gets the cheapest offer with Sol y Son for 160us$ plus 20us$airport-taxes in Havana and 40us$ airport-taxes in Cancun. Other airlines cost 250us$ and upward. The variation of the renewed entry is admittedly mouth lavishly a little expensive that tourist visa costs with Sol y Son in Cuba however only 15us$. A small solace.